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Official Windows 11 Theme Apps from Microsoft App Store

Find best official Windows 11 theme apps by Microsoft, with 4k wallpapers from animals to beautiful scenery, or abstract creatives,etc. All for your desktop personalization.

Rain in the City screenshot

Rain in the City

Apr 03,2020
Surfboards PREMIUM screenshot

Surfboards PREMIUM

Mar 06,2020
Bending Light PREMIUM screenshot

Bending Light PREMIUM

Mar 06,2020
World of Bamboo PREMIUM screenshot

World of Bamboo PREMIUM

Mar 06,2020
Earth from Above PREMIUM screenshot

Earth from Above PREMIUM

Mar 06,2020
Monsoons screenshot


Mar 05,2020
Sunflowers PREMIUM screenshot

Sunflowers PREMIUM

Feb 19,2020
Flower Petals screenshot

Flower Petals

Feb 19,2020
Colorful Boats PREMIUM screenshot

Colorful Boats PREMIUM

Feb 12,2020
Aerial Saltflats PREMIUM screenshot

Aerial Saltflats PREMIUM

Feb 10,2020
Wildflowers PREMIUM screenshot

Wildflowers PREMIUM

Feb 10,2020
Seasonal Art PREMIUM screenshot

Seasonal Art PREMIUM

Jan 15,2020
Panda Bears screenshot

Panda Bears

Jan 14,2020
Aerial Farmland PREMIUM screenshot

Aerial Farmland PREMIUM

Jan 14,2020
Natural Hearts PREMIUM screenshot

Natural Hearts PREMIUM

Jan 13,2020
Beach Glow screenshot

Beach Glow

Jan 10,2020
Dogs and Cats screenshot

Dogs and Cats

Jan 09,2020
Staircases PREMIUM screenshot

Staircases PREMIUM

Dec 24,2019
Leafy Structures screenshot

Leafy Structures

Dec 11,2019
Chilly Morning screenshot

Chilly Morning

Dec 11,2019